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Need To Put A Stop To The Leak?

Did you realise that taps need to be serviced? Leaking taps are one of the most common household plumbing problems we come across. Dripping taps are not just annoying, they are the number one cause of water wastage. One dripping tap can waste more than 25Litres of water per day. That’s 24,000 litres of water per year! Simply turning your tap off even more tightly is not to be advised, as you are just causing further damage to the tap by over-tightening it.

As our name suggests, T.A.P.S. AIR are specialists when it comes to your leaking taps. We will service the spindles, change the washers and O rings. We can even help by replacing your taps with new ones if your fixtures are becoming old and worn.

Have you noticed your tap getting harder to twist on? T.A.P.S. AIR offer quarter turn taps, which are becoming increasingly popular. They not only look fantastic in modern or vintage settings, they are also easy to turn. Traditional taps with a washer are at least two and a half turns to turn on to full pressure. Quarter turn taps use ceramic discs and is only a 90 degree turn, for full pressure.

Quarter turn taps are perfect for the elderly, people with arthritis, weak grip and kids. They are also great when you have dirty hands as they can be turned on using the back of your hand or your elbow.

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Common Causes of Leaking Taps

If your tap just won’t stop leaking, it could cost you hundreds. Our specialists are trained in inspecting and replacing faulty parts causing your tap to leak. This includes:

  • Valve Seat
  • Flow Cartridge
  • Waterproofing O-Ring
  • Tightening of Loose Parts
  • Rubber or Leather Washers

Who we are

T.A.P.S. AIR are a member of the Master’s Plumbing Association, rated in the Albury Wodonga area for our quality work. As a family owned and operated business, we understand the importance of getting a job right the first time.

We have built an impeccable reputation for top-quality work and exceptional service. T.A.P.S AIR works with both homes and businesses to stop leaking taps, saving you money.

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